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Sugah Shack Sweets is the longtime dream of Wendy Warren, who has had a lifelong affair of the heart with chocolate and sweet treats.  A self taught baker, she developed a product called Sugah Bark which she sold at local retail outlets.  After a brief hiatus, she decided to pursue her love of chocolate and is a graduate of Ecole Chocolat.


I am ashamed to say that once I opened the Buttah Fingah and Cookies & Cream Sugah Bark, I finished both bags in one sitting all by myself. Sugah Shack Sweets has to be the best chocolate/truffle/confection shop in Michigan.

~ Jo Cook


Nothing compares to Sugah Shack Sweets when it comes to chocolate truffles and caramels. When I first tried the apple cider caramels I was blown away and become a true Sugah Shack Sweets believer.

~ Stacy Lu

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